• XStitch Magazine 2020 Calendar is live on Kickstarter

    Support the XStitch Magazine 2020 Calendar on Kickstarter

    Although it’s still a fair way until the end of the year let’s take a moment to consider the shape of 2020. If you’ve got a busy life you might already be in need of a new calendar or, dare we say it, you might be pondering on the gift giving season that lingers in […] Read more

  • XStitch Magazine Issue 2 – Beats

    XStitch Magazine Issue 2 Cover

    Have you got your copy of XStitch Magazine Issue 2? Are you getting into the groove?   With brand new designs from some of your favourite cross stitch heroes, all of whom are responding to the theme of BEATS, there’s guaranteed to be something you’ll love to stitch! The print version is a limited edition […] Read more

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    Hello lovely people – Mr X Stitch here! As you’re hopefully aware, I’ve launched a new cross stitch magazine called XStitch! We’ve taken the familiar format of cross stitch magazines and given them a shot in the arm. Each themed issue features brand new designs from the best designing talent in the business who respond […] Read more

  • Inspired to Stitch – Ellen Schinderman

    For LA-based artist Ellen Schinderman, the path to contemporary textile art stardom began back in 2007, when she became intrigued by what porn would look like rendered in needlepoint. Encouraged by erotica transformed into stitch, Schinderman tapered off her performing career as an actor and writer, and fell down what she calls the “stitching rabbit […] Read more

  • Inspired to Stitch – Rebecca Levi


    My fandom of Rebecca Levi started in LA. I first met the Brooklyn-based artist on Sunset Blvd. Curator Ellen Schinderman had organized an artists’ brunch for those of us showing work in Stitch Fetish 4. Over waffles and coffee we all discussed our artwork and techniques. At the opening that night, I instantly fell in […] Read more

  • Inspired to Stitch – Emma Rose Laughlin


    (Warning: The artwork featured in this column is Not Safe For Work by many standards, so be selective about when you view it. But do not miss it.) When writing about the hyper-feminine, delicate artwork of Emma Rose Laughlin, the tag line could read, “This is not a pearl.” Why? Because lace, pearls and buttons […] Read more

  • NSFW Saturday – Sucker

    Space Cadet Akane in Danger by Hine

    Hi everybody! It’s Saturday, and you know what that means – it would be cool if you can rescue Space Cadet Akane before getting into the action! WARNING! NSFW SATURDAYS WILL CONTAIN CONTENT THAT IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK! IF YOU READ THESE POSTS, AND ARE OFFENDED, WE’RE SORRY BUT WE DID WARN YOU! Read more

  • Inspired to Stitch – Amy Sheridan

    Amy Sheridan is freaking cool. Let’s just get that out there. It’s almost impossible to look at her work and not feel the pounding of a funky bass line or imagine the wild light cast by neon signs. The woman has an edge and it comes out in thread. Much has been written about her […] Read more

  • Manbroidery – Billy Kheel

    Billy Kheel - Cherryhole

    Welcome to eMbroidery, a series of interviews with male embroiderers. This month, Billy Kheel. Name: Billy Kheel Location: Los Angeles Main embroidery medium: Felt Applique Noteworthy projects or pieces: DNVR v OAK pennants at GATE Projects, Chinese Zodiak Banners at Gallery 533, Kheels Fish Shack at The York (coming in June 2014) How did you […] Read more

  • Inspired to Stitch – Stitch A Pose by Mark Bieraugel

    Mark Bieraugel - page 430

    What do you get when you combine humor, discipline, fashion, a clean design aesthetic, intelligence, research acumen, sick stitching skills and vast curiosity about the world? Page 39 (One of Mark’s top five). You get Mark Bierugel and his fantastic, year-long project Stitch A Pose! Mark is embroidering a new artwork into the pages of […] Read more