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Felter Skelter - your essential needle felting column from Mr X Stitch!

Because I’m never done thinking about all the people of the planet poking the wool in the name of awesomeness, I like to look all over the internet to find the pockets of preciousness. Today, let’s look at three of the mrxstitch-iest needle felted pieces that deviantART has to offer!

Mini Mimic Octopus by DragonBehinOpens in a new tab.: It doesn’t just have great style and personality, but working this thin and this small is near to impossible. SO good!

Needle Felted Mini Mimic Octopus by dragonbehin

GlassCamelOpens in a new tab. has done many magnificent Transformers, including this here MirageOpens in a new tab.. I particularly enjoy the weaponry, and the hands on this guy.

GlassCamel's Needle Felted Mirage Transformer

This is untitledOpens in a new tab., I think, from m3owOpens in a new tab.. I’d like to visit the universe this guy lives in, but I probably don’t want to move there.

Incredible random stuff 0121 by m3ow

Got felt you need me to see? Drop me a line and I’ll sees it!


Felter Skelter is written by Moxie, who is an artist, fiber pusher and genuine human being. She likes you very much indeed.

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Moxie Lieberman

Moxie Lieberman is an American artist based in Seattle, Washington. Her primary medium is needle felting, but Moxie expresses ideas with embroidery, cross stitch, e-textiles and more.

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