Amazing (Felt) Animals

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This month I’m bringing you even more cute critters!  Felt Animals are my favorite subject and I love to see all the different personalities artists create – I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

As always, be sure to click through on each artist’s name for more! Be sure to tell them that we sent you!

higuma2017's needle felted polar bear and penguin higuma2017 higuma2017 higuma2017

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kuri.kuri.kuri.kuri kuri.kuri.kuri.kurikuri.kuri.kuri.kurikuri.kuri.kuri.kuri

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suzukiyuko00 suzukiyuko00 suzukiyuko00 suzukiyuko00

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dusim_felt dusim_felt dusim_felt dusim_felt

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adorable felt animals from wool.zoo wool.zoo wool.zoowool.zoo

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Which one of these felt animals is your favourite?

Don’t forget to check out the Felter Skelter archives for tons more needle felting inspiration, and if you want more cute creatures, then I’ve got a post entirely dedicated to our feline friends just here!

Thanks for reading! 🐻🐮🐷🐱

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Zoë Williams

Zoë Williams creates needle felt sculptures based on spirits, sacred creatures, and dreams. Her work is concerned with the intersection of the (inner) realm of the collective unconscious and the (outer) kingdom of nature. She lives and works in New York City.

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