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I love compelling, conceptual, surprising sculptures made of wool, and I’ve shown you a bunch of them here on Mr X Stitch’sâ„¢ Felter SkelterOpens in a new tab.. Last week I happened to come across a breathtaking needle felted necklace which, of course, sent me on a wool-jewelry web surfing frenzy. Here are my favorite selections of the needle felted jewelry pieces I came across, plus one extra.

Jeanne Harlan-Marriott Necklace

This is the necklace that started my journey. Jeanne Harlan-MarriottOpens in a new tab. is the artist. On Flickr she says this is a work-in-progress, but I think it’s perfection. The structure, the subtle blending of the colors combined with the clean, contrasting line details, the beads transitioning from big to small, the asymmetry… This is aspirational wearable art. She makes otherOpens in a new tab. lovelyOpens in a new tab. piecesOpens in a new tab., too.


moth pin

I found this on a blogOpens in a new tab., proving I’m not the only person who is blown away by this Death’s Head Hawk-Moth pin by Pammy Dawn. This is so true to the real thingOpens in a new tab., you know people will be trying to flick it off your sweater at parties.


eye necklace

From Amazing OwlOpens in a new tab.‘s Etsy listingOpens in a new tab.:

“It features a(n)… acrylic doll eye which is nearly as large as the real thing. The necklace is built over a base of memory wire so it can be pulled open and will sit perfectly on almost every neck without any clasp.”

You have to see her other felted piecesOpens in a new tab., too. So much to love, including an eye-popping matching ringOpens in a new tab.!


Simple, clever, sophisticated antler necklaces by artist ZuzanaOpens in a new tab.. She makes the most amazing plush dollsOpens in a new tab., too.


On the left, we have a Lizzie Pearce (aka lizzieneedlesOpens in a new tab.) with a Badger Brooch… technically it’s not a Honey Badger but I still think, if you wear it, it’ll become a symbol of how much of a shit you don’t give. (All of her workOpens in a new tab. is worth a good, long, gawk.)

On the right is a happy little brooch by one of the all-time great needle felting legends, Yoko NomuraOpens in a new tab. (aka FeltmatesOpens in a new tab.). I would wear this on the days when I just need to feel a little more Racoon-ey. Give yourself a treat and dive into her Flickr pool, too.


And now, the “plus one extra” as mentioned at the beginning of the post:

These are needle felted pendants with LEDs nestled within. I can’t claim to have “discovered” these… Actually, I sorta did because I discovered the idea for them in my own brains and then brought them to life by way of my hands. In other words, I made themOpens in a new tab.. I like to describe them this way:

As a cocoon embodies the delicate strength and transformation, these necklaces are inspired by humanity’s fuzzy shadows and the persistent spark nestled within.

They are super challenging to photograph, but I’m working on it. I should have them up for the people within a month or so. I hope you love them.


Felter Skelter is written by Moxie, who is an artist, fiber pusher and genuine human being. Why yes, she would love a taste of what you’re eating.
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Moxie Lieberman

Moxie Lieberman is an American artist based in Seattle, Washington. Her primary medium is needle felting, but Moxie expresses ideas with embroidery, cross stitch, e-textiles and more.

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