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I like a bit of graffiti cross stitch, in case you didn’t already know. That’s been the inspiration for my graffiti cross stitch patternsOpens in a new tab.. And we’ve featured graffiti cross stitch on here a couple of times now. Ulrika ErdesOpens in a new tab. does graffiti with embroidery. CathiphopOpens in a new tab. has stitched superb graffiti on more than one occasion. And then there’s Stitchalicious as well who have got some graffiti based tricks up their sleeves!

Jacquelyn Royal - Berlin 2 graffiti needlepoint

And now Jacquelyn RoyalOpens in a new tab.‘s come along and upped the ante. 🙂
Her graffiti needlepoint pieces, from Chicago and Berlin, are superb.

Jacquelyn Royal - Chicago 1 graffiti needlepoint

It’s great to see the graffiti stitched in it’s context – I love the electrical gubbins (technical term!) on the post in the Chicago piece.

Jacquelyn Royal - Berlin 3 graffiti needlepoint

These four pieces are terrific and I look forward to seeing more of Jacquelyn’s work in the future. She is based in Tennessee, and is showing works in New York.

Jacquelyn Royal - Berlin 1 graffiti needlepoint

Thanks to John for telling us about Jacquelyn – great stuff!


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