Millinery Instagram Accounts – 2018 Edition

So… I’ve been missing from posting to this blog for a while now. (The reasons are boring: a mix of writer’s block and being busy.) Anyhow, I’m back.

It’s become something of a tradition in December for me to showcase fellow milliners and share some eye-candy in the form of Instagram accounts! You can also visit the editions from 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Milliners Laura Del Villagio and Kristin Silverman
At Millinery Meet-Up 2018. Me (on right) with fellow milliner Laura Del Villagio (MilliStarr), who was featured in the first round of top Instagram accounts for hat-lovers.

This year it seemed fitting to combine a selection of millinery-related Instagram accounts with one of the reasons I was busy in 2018: Millinery Meet-Up!

This year was the third and final session of this event, which brought top milliners from around the world to teach a variety of classes. It was my first time attending. Not only was the education amazing, but I got to meet so many people with a shared passion for millinery.

So this year’s round-up is featuring 10 milliners I had the pleasure of meeting in person!

There were so many more talented milliners than just the ones below. Some I didn’t include because they have only a sporadically hatty Instagram presence. Others (such as MilliStarr) aren’t in this year because they have already been featured. Here’s a shout-out to these fabulous folks I got to visit with in September! ❤️ In no particular order…

10. Hats to Di For – Diane Shagott (@hatstodifor)

Diane is one of the founders of Millinery Meet-Up. In person, she is sweet and talented and can’t-take-your-eyes-off-her stunning to look at. Obviously, she makes wonderful hats. She’s not the most prolific Instagram poster, which might be why she doesn’t have a ton of followers. But what is there is some great stuff.


9. Boring Sidney Hats and Headdresses – Belle McCluskey (@boringsidneyhatsandheaddresses)

I first met Belle at the “Milliners of Etsy” fashion show in 2013 when I was still very new to millinery. I’ve been fond of Belle ever since. She’s awesome, and her hats are works of art.


8. Maria Etkind Millinery (@mariaetkindmillinery)

Maria is a delightful person. She’s in New Orleans — and her hats are wonderful!


7. Trish Raine Felting – Trish Hirschkorn (@trishrainefelting)

Trish specializes in nuno felt, and up-cycles silks to create one-of-a-kind designs. Doing her own felting sets her apart from most other milliners, and her work is stunning!


6. Hatnip Hats – Kim Fraser (@hatniphats)

Kim is a woman after my own heart with her love of vintage style. I loved getting to know her a bit in the two-day course we were both in.


5. Abbydid – Abby Langdon (@abbydid)

Abby is surprisingly new to millinery. It seems like she must have been doing it for years rather than a little more than one. But the explanation is simple: She was a textile artist before she discovered millinery. It was a natural transition.


4. Karen Morris Millinery – (@karenmorrismillinery)

Karen wasn’t at Millinery Meet-Up as a teacher or student, but as a vendor. (She has small hat-making supplies business in addition to her millinery work.) She was only there the first day, but I happily bought a felt from her. I was surprised that I hadn’t included her in a previous list. Her work is always excellent.



3. Bay Willow Design – Jenny Mathison-Foster (@bay_willow)

If you want to feel jealous of a hat-block collection, this is one account to follow. She has amazing vintage blocks! And also beautiful hats — including the popular vote winner in the Millinery Meet-Up hat contest:


2. Sally Caswell (@sallycaswellhat)

I loved visiting with Sally Caswell. She’s a friendly and talented NYC-based milliner. Her fanciful creation (below) won “Best Interpretation of Theme” for the hat contest. (Theme: A Right Royal “Knees Up” Wedding.) Her more regular hats are even more beautiful.


1. Lifted Millinery – Katie Props-Allen (@liftedmillinery)

Even though this isn’t a countdown to a “winner,” Katie has to have a double feature. She’s a lovely person and an incredibly talented milliner. She won the overall prize in the hat competition. That’s a serious honor when you think of the caliber of talent that entered.

View this post on Instagram

I've finally gotten my head on straight enough, post Millinery Meetup, to take decent detail shots of my winning entry for the hat contest sponsored by @hatblockmaker. *********************** The theme was "A Right Royal Knees Up Wedding." My inspiration was a memory of watching artifact hunters "Mudlarking" at low tide on the Thames River during a trip to the Tower of London. The Thames is sometimes referred to as "Liquid History" and I envisioned a scene where iconic items from this last century of royal weddings were discovered in much the same way, washed up in and around the sand, rocks, and sea life. If you look closely you can see the following items rendered in beads; patriotic bunting, a champage glass spilling it's contents, Diana and Kate's engagement ring, a pink feathered fascinator, and Elizabeth's diamond fringe tiara. ************************** This was a challenge to bead as I chose toyo for the base and it is not the easiest material to stitch through. Many many needles were broken during construction but the end result was so very worth it! ___________________________ #handbeaded #beading #handmade #details #millinery #hats #millinerycouture #millinerymeetup #millinersofinstagram #capturemycraft #miniatures #fashionhat #rightroyalkneesup #royalwedding #artistsofinstagram #beret #katemiddleton #queenelizabeth #princessdiana #fantasyhat #headwear #makersgonnamake #hatmaker #hatlover #extra

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But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that she also posted possibly my most favorite hat on all of Instagram in 2018. I just gushed over it the first time I saw it, and I’ll keep gushing over it. It’s so beautiful:


Bonus: Hat Blocks Australia (@hat_blocks_australia)

Sure, I love hat-block makers because they make hat blocks. But getting to meet the people behind the work (of one brand) was unexpectedly wonderful! I totally fell in love with Darryll and Renee Osborne. So glad I got the chance to know them a bit in person at Millinery Meet-Up! And, of course, I bought a few goodies from them to bring home to my studio.



And, though I never feature myself, as always, you can find my Instagram at @silverhillcreative.


Kristin Silverman

Kristin Silverman designs and makes hats under the label Silverhill Creative Millinery. She specializes in vintage-inspired hats for everyday modern wear. Kristin is also a singer and actor.

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