Book Review – Star Trek Cross Stitch by John Lohman

If ever there was a book I didn’t need to do a comprehensive review of, it’s Star Trek Cross Stitch: Explore Strange New Worlds of CraftingOpens in a new tab. by John Lohman. Get your copy from our affiliate links here!

Star Trek Cross Stitch by John Lohman

However, for those of you that have been living under a rock for the past five years, here’s a quick run down of why this is a fantastic addition to the world of cross stitch books.

John “Johloh” Lohman is the Founder of Sprite Stitch, our favourite video game craft website. We’ve had a column featuring Sprite Stitch Best BitsOpens in a new tab. on this site for years now, and it’s a constant source of cool craft.

Star Trek Cross Stitch Expendable Pattern by John Lohman

This book features designs by John, but also by our good buddy Lord LibidanOpens in a new tab., StarrleyOpens in a new tab. (who has appeared on this site more than once) and Rosier “RDMC” Cade.

Ranging from simple to fairly complex, the patterns will keep you entertained, and have massive appeal to Star Trek fans across the board. Sure, the patterns tend to focus more on The Original Series and The Next Generation, but that just means they’ll have to do a second book so we can get more of that Captain Janeway action that we all need.

Beam Me Up Scotty Cross Stitch by John Lohman

The book is great – well designed, filled with simple instructions and some terrific designs. It’s everything a pop culture cross stitch book ought to be and I’m proud to know the people that made it. If you’ve know anyone who’s wavering about whether they should try cross stitch, this book is a great tool to help win the argument.

To purchase Star Trek Cross StitchOpens in a new tab. from AmazonOpens in a new tab., click on one of our affiliate boxes in this post and we’ll get a little bit of moolah – thanks!

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