Stitchgasm! – Living in the 80s, 5 Phat Quarter swap pieces

Ok, I lied. It’s six pieces. Oops.

The crazy talented members of the Phat Quarter flickr group really brought their dazzling skills and neon-hued, big-haired imagination to the most recent Phat Quarter Swap, Living in the 80s.

Nagel art, video games, and radical movies… check out their bitchin’ riffs on the 1980s.

Striped Pants, by Lisa LeggettOpens in a new tab.

Striped Pants - close up

Who You Gonna Call, by LyndziOpens in a new tab.

Phat Quarter Swap

MATHNET Logo, by Sarah HennesseyOpens in a new tab.

MrXStitch 1980s Phat Quarter Swap Hoop - MATHNET Logo (altered)

Bleep Me Gently with a Chainsaw (from Heathers) by Jessica KellyOpens in a new tab.

Heathers Stitch

Back to the Future Dates, by BrodwaithOpens in a new tab.

Phat Quarter 80s Swap

Game Over, by xsilverdaisyxOpens in a new tab.

Game Over

Totally tubular, huh?

A new Phat Quarter swap is launching at the end of August. Be sure to check back on the Fifth Friday of the month to find out the top secret new theme. It will be a wildly creative starting point for what promises to be a fun, diverse swap!


Olisa Corcoran is a stitch artist and blogger living in Durham, NC. She speaks fluent Nuyorican and always keeps her dial turned to 11.

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