Summer Spookies In Felt

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Since Seattle is enduring what must be described as Bi-Polar Summer Weather (seriously, it’s like we are being cursed to live in the Seattle that everyone THINKS we live in all the time…) I thought it’d be nice to find some felty-ness that boggles the mind as much as the confusing and mysterious weather of the Pacific Northwest.

I like to think that this piece by kanamokenOpens in a new tab. is called “Tell Your Story WalkingOpens in a new tab.

This wrist-corsage by nosonosoOpens in a new tab. could be just the thing to warm you up and as protection too… no one is slapping that wrist today, right?

In ancient times, hundreds of years before the dawn of history, an ancient race of people… the Druids. No one knows who they were or what they were doing… But tonight, fibrousOpens in a new tab. knows how to rock it, tonight!


Finally, if “Baba Yaga” by cheekycrows3Opens in a new tab. can’t scare the weather up here, nothing ever will.


 Felter Skelter is written by Moxie, who is an artist, fiber pusher and genuine human being. She likes you very much indeed.

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Moxie Lieberman

Moxie Lieberman is an American artist based in Seattle, Washington. Her primary medium is needle felting, but Moxie expresses ideas with embroidery, cross stitch, e-textiles and more.

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