Inspired to Stitch – You are so very beautiful #yasvb

Inspired to Stitch, Exploring The Creative Journey with Olisa Corcoran

Let’s switch things up this month and talk about inspiring people with stitch.

Photo by Betsy Greer.
Photo by Betsy GreerOpens in a new tab..

Betsy Greer of CraftivismOpens in a new tab. and Mary England of UncustomaryOpens in a new tab. have created a guerilla art project to do just that.

With help from others, they will make a big art drop (or art abandonment)Opens in a new tab. in three cities on two continents (Baltimore, Vancouver and London) by leaving small affirmations around the towns for people to find.

Affirmations by Katherine Diuguid.
Photo and affirmations by Katherine DiuguidOpens in a new tab..


“It’s time to remind both ourselves and others of just how wonderful we are just as we are. It’s time to let our acts of stitching go by leaving them in places for someone to find, someone who needs to hear those words just as you do, if not more,” says Greer.

Photo and affirmations by Abi Nielsen.
Photo and affirmations by Abi Nielsen.

I could not agree more, so I’m encouraging everyone to pick up their needles and get stitching! Let’s start sharing inspiring each other.

Photo and affirmations by Olisa Corcoran.
Photo and affirmations by Olisa CorcoranOpens in a new tab..

The main requirements?

Make a sign (no bigger than palm size, please) that contains an affirmation starting with “You are” on it. All types of craft are okay, so run with it! It’s up to you if you tag it with your @social_media_handle, but please tag it the back of the sign with #yasvb. Post them to arrive by Feb 4th, 2016.

(DetailsOpens in a new tab. about the project, including where to send them, are here)Opens in a new tab..

Photo and affirmations by Betsy Greer.
Photo and affirmations by Betsy GreerOpens in a new tab..

Imagine finding one of these lovelies. I know it would make me so happy.


Olisa Corcoran is a stitch artist and blogger living in Durham, NC. She speaks fluent Nuyorican and always keeps her dial turned to 11.

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